Problem with great amount of images in assets

Hi Koders!
I have an issue with a big number of images in the assets. I have 213 components in the assets and most of them are images, png files.
Yesterday, I downloaded the aia file, open it with 7zip, add the images to the assets folder. After that, I couldn’t import the aia file to Kodular, but when I deleted some old projects, finally I could.
But today I add 200 more png files to the aia file, without any changes, and there is no way of importing the aia file again. The size of the aia file is less than 12 mb.
I finally compiled the APK with this method of @bodymindpower (thanks!):

But its more complicated to generate the APK file this way and there is no problem of size of aia or APK, so I would like to find what’s wrong.
I opened the aia file to have a look and this is what I found:

Could be the problem the NTFS format? Or any other difference between old and new files?
Any clue will be apreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Why don"t change your method and save all the photos on a hosting site as imgbb,imgur or cloudinary?

I’m considering this option, but I’m not sure how to set the paths so the pictures doesn’t show on the gallery and work properly in the app, because can’t be stored in the assets folder.
If they are stored anywhere else, I don’t know how to set the blocks. Now I have dictionaries with names and their corresponding images and are called through tiny_db, but I don’t know how to set up this with a different folder of the device…
So many doubts! :frowning:

Inage hosting release you a demo link and you can easily configure it.
See this

Thanks for your help!
My problem is not where to host the images, I think its easy to store them in Firebase and download all in the first run of the app.
My problems are related to the paths of storage, the use of the images out of the assets folder and the permission to read /write from storage that users use to consider suspicius.
If the size of the app was too big, I’ll have to use the download method, but the aia and the APK are less than 20 mb each and once the APK compiled with the images, it works nice.
I guess the problem is with the number of images or the format of any of them.
I’ll keep triying things.
Thanks again.

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As you like, but I keep thinking it’s a bad idea to store 200 images in one apk

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No need to use these services friend, We can upload the images to blogger and save the URL of that image as database.

I’m working on a solution downloading the images from Cloudinary, but how I imagined, I have problems with the path of the images.
I’m using Taifun file extension to create the files folder inside the app specific directory. Images are downloaded without problems.
I have an image and text list view and the images are loaded in it without problems, but when I pick one, nothing happens, the image is not loaded. These are the blocks:

I also tried this:
And also this, with a fixed value of the index:
But the image keeps empty.

The Label1 is for checking if the path is ok, and works fine, the path seems to be ok.
The list view with image has no problem, but after picking nothing happens.
Any idea about the problem?

Well, I have noticed that if I change
it works nice.

I made the change looking the path of the images in my device. I tried this with to devices, and worked in both, but I don’t know if will work on every device.

Why the first path works good with the block to add images to the list and not with the click event?

(maybe I have to ask all of this in a different topic?)