Problem with implicit typing when read data from airtables

Describe your issue

I want to add marker on Google map by GoogleMaps.AddMarker. I want to read it’s coordinates from airtable.
I read the coordinates, but when I use the item from result of Airtable.GetRow as a lattitude/longitude for a marker - .Addmarker didn’t add it.
The data in Airtable is correct and I get the correct item from list.

I think problem is in implicit typing in Kodular, it is not sure data readed from airtable is a number.
But if I check data by “Is number?” function - it returns True.
In any case workaround for solving this problem is to use math fuction to the data readed from airtable and use it result as a latitude/longitude of marker. For example I use +0.00001

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Connect your project to Airtable
  2. Fill two cells in a row with correct latitude and longitude coordinates
  3. Read data from airtable row
  4. Try to use them as a coords for .AddMarker
  5. Check the marker is not appeared
  6. Check the data from step 3 is numbers by Is number?
  7. Try to use as a coords for .AddMarker not data from step3, but data from step3+0.00001
  8. Check the marker is appeared

Expected Behaviour

I can use correct data from airtable as a coordinates for .AddMarker

Actual Behaviour

Marker is not appearing

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You should show data in notifier or label as i think data in a cell is oblique after entering special chars as +, /, = because the sum sign is used in excel to perform some funtional rcpression thus it is ignore excel itself.

You should add ’ this sign before any data in each row to ignore function or formula in excel and made readable row

Thank you, but there is no formulas in cells, just numbers.