Problem with Index in list block

I will use the block which gives you back the Index from a thing from a List.
But i get only 0 back like its not in the List.
Butt when i check it with get Element from a list and i put a index in it i get back the Element.
Index 1=A
Index 2=B
Index 3 =C

But with the Block to get the index back i get only 0.
But the Element is in the List i use the Do it block to check it

What can i do now.?

there seems to be something else in the list, probably an invisible new line character? or an empty line?
how many items does the list have? you can find it out after using the length of list block…

No there is no free space or anything else. The List is loaded from airtable with in the Moment 81 Elements.
As you can see i want to work with CollinTreeListView
I tried it with a Textblock and with the block from ColinListView each Time the same Error.
I worked around for a while but i dont get an index but if i put in a Index i get the Element.
I tried it with other Elements what are in the List too but each time the same 0
Lengh of List block show me 81.
It is different what i do i test it with other Lists i get the same error

from your latest screenshot the length of list block of the element you are retrieving should return 1, because there is only 1 item in the list (Bitfinex)…
you might want to ask the author of the extension…

look this is not correct my list have 81 Elements not only 1. Look

the length of the complete list is not relevant
relevant is the length of the list of the element you are selecting…

The Problem is you can write it with a text block and you get back zero. Not only with collintree Block.
I used a textblock to test it but the same you get each time zero. different what you put in. And i think you should not get zero back if you put it in with a text block.
I get each time zero different what you do it is each time zero
If there is a problem with collin too maybe. but this problem i can solve with a block but the issue with the index block i cannot solve it

so what is the length of that list?