Problem with Json Parsing from URL

I want to making dynamic list using web API. i tried but failed everytime. Its work when i using json in text , but i got error message when i tried to parse data from web url.
Web API Link : API
Testing AIS program_test.ais (13.9 KB)

Anyone help me to findout my problem?

screenshots of error and blocks are more helpful than Ais,

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Working file when i put json into text. But got error when i want to parse from api request content.
The error message is : Invalid json parsing.
Please check my web api where it return Jason format data.

importing screen will not open for anyone because you are using extensions

Using jsontools extension

i think problem is with your json, showing error josn invalid, arguments must be valid json

but when i put same request data from web api content into text. its work fine.
So i think json format is valid.

i tried to decode it, but showing not valid json,


please look

i have seen it on web, but web component is getting in text and changing it, try to show it in label and check how its showing

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It’s A Manually Stored Data In PHP Extension It’s Not Work , The Web Response Type is text/html;charset=UTF-8


yes if i try to set in app this json, then its accepting, but from web its changing json to invalid format

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Now working it.Thanks for trying to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Which Blocks Are You Using , Share Here To Help Other Kodurs

it was problem for web api where i using htmlspecialcharacter function in json encode. Remove it , then working.


Please mark this post as solution so other can directly see

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