Problem with Linear Progress Bar

I have a problem with notifying linear progress.
I implemented one then in a loop, I update it.
Outside the dialog box only appears at the end of the loop and although I have hidden it, it does not disappear.

I have attached the aia file.
test_progress.aia (528.2 KB)
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you in advance and have a good weekend

No one has an answer to my problem?

I hope the blocks Show linear progress and Update progress value should not come under same block… Thats why the problem appear. IF you attempt in someother manner it may work

No. I try this. It doesn’t work

I think since the values are in CSV text, it may not work. If it were uploading or downloading this notifier works fine. Anyway let we find out solution for the problem.

If I use any label to get the text it appears but it does not loaded in the progress bar