Problem with my app

hi guys i got problem with my app itis not launching ?

i used starter activity ,side menu

extension anti hack ,splash >> i used on lottie file in splash file .impoted json from my computer

is the side menu codes right ??

image in replay
thank you kodulars

thats the codes

Are you using 2 Screen Initialize blocks?

yeah mr . iam using it

i have tree screens and i got 4 groups >the extra one is for exit button ?
is there problem with it

@111372 You can’t use 2 initialize blocks on 1 screen…
Try to delete one whole block

No way. Definitely it wont work… your app not function and it will Definitely struck

so how to solve it

Use only 1 screen initialize block

use if else statement… If

For what??

He is using two initialize blocks it means he is looking for two conditions, so he can direct the app to follow in which condition it satisfies,

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Show these full blocks @111372

BTW, Duplicate Topics aren’t allowed

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its the first time that i use starter activity and side menu
the side menu in about_us screen >the elements dont show

and when i publish the app > its not working
see the video

iam using blocks perfectly >>
but i have 3 screens but the side menu has extra elemnt for exit

What is not working?
Do you mean the app is closing?

If so, is your device rooted?

Video you’ve posted does not help! I can’t read that pop-up.

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no its not rooted

thats the whole problem

@111372 Tell actually where the problem is occurring.
Use ‘Do it’ to find in which block is the exact problem.