Problem with my chat app

Chatroid.apk (6.8 MB)
There is a problem with my app but I couldn’t detect it where the blocks had gone wrong. Can you help me out?

You should provide the AIA file instead of APK so that community members can help you.

Also tell us what the problem is and what should be actually happening.

Can you tell me how to get aia. File .There is an error occuring on my pc

Go to Project and you will find it.

here is the aia. file you wantchat.aia (554.5 KB)

Everyone will answer your questions if you ask them in correct way.
It would be nice if you can provide more details like when error occurs and relevant blocks which can cause error.

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wait for few minutes.

When the group is created and i type the message it goes for the first time but the for that particular group it shows error.

This is where you are doing it wrong. You should use ‘Screen Initialize’ block instead of ‘Menu Initialize’ block.
Annotation 2020-05-17 210029

Hope it helped you. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, it was not fixed this way
when i click the send button the message is luckily sent but after that it shows error.
this message is displayed-

The error just says everything. You have something wrong when picking a list item… check your main blocks pls.

As per your AIA file, the message is not being sent and not getting stored in the Firebase. You are seeing the message because of your blocks.

See your blocks here. You are first adding the message in the chat view and then you are trying to save it in the database.
Cross check the whole block, so that you can solve this error.

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What changes should I do?

ChatApp (1).aia (110.7 KB)
Go through this AIA fille shared in the community. You will get the answer.

you can add a microphone so when you press start to speak and then transform it into text

nice but it is not sending otp would you can give me aia after maintainnece of otp

That AIA is not mine. I found it while surfing the community.
If you are not getting OTP, then try using Firebase AUTH. It will solve your problem. :slight_smile:

Would You Can Make A Professional Chat App Like That I Will Upload It On Playstore Would You Can??

I should have made it but I’m busy with another flutter project right now. I’m sorry. :sweat_smile:

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