Problem with my images!

I used TaifunImage extension to scale images but I didn’t know it is overwrite your images instead of saving a new to cache and get it. After that, my images are 1 kb and looks like
There is no backup and resizing these gave even worse picture. What should I do?
Android saved the original pictures to some place or not?

I guess there is nothing you could do now.
May be you can check for thumbnails (Google will show you where to find them in your device), but they won’t have a great quality…

But that can be used so you learn to ever work with not important files when testing something you don’t know very well yet.

PS: It happened because you used the extension the wrong way or was it a bug?
Because if it was a bug you could report it to Taifun. May be he can correct it in the future.

Edit: I think now kodular has a component called Editor Image or something like that. It has some great features. May be you can use them instead of Taifun’s extension. Especially if your app already have others extensions.

  1. read the documentation
  2. test before going into production
  3. always have a backup



It was not a bug, I used the scale component because it had an event with the image variable. It was just one click and all images located in DCIM/Camera resized because I generated tumbnais to all of them.

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