Problem with "Need login credentials for app review" and subscriptions

Hi Koders!

My app is published in Google Play from some months ago, but after submitting a new version it had been rejected because I have to provide login credentials.

This is easy to fix, just create a “fake” account for them to login.

But in the application access headline you can read: “If parts of your app are restricted by login credentials, subscriptions, location, or other forms of authentication, provide instructions for accessing them. This information must be up to date.”

In my app, some features need to purchase a subscription, but to be logged in is not enough, because subscription is related to the account that made the payment in the Google Play Store, not the one you are logged in with, and both can be different. Even, you can be subscribed and not logged in and the special features will be available.

The question is if it will be enough to provide them the “fake” login account or if I have to add and special subscription and change the blocks so this account is related to an “fake” subscrition so they can check this speciall features, because the only info that can provided is the user/password.

I hope I`ve explained myself. Please, help!
Thanks in advance.

I think you have to submit only login credentials nothing more. Test by giving only login page credentials not all access

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I published an app which also rejected with same reason so i provided proper login signup details but not provided any payment account details even in my app some features work with premium. So, you can give it a try just give proper app login signup guide to them.

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Ok, I’ll do that. Thanks a lot!

I have my paid app published on the play store.
Currently, the app does not have any login/sign up system.
I am planning to make app free from paid and provide subscription plans.

As we know, the google console handles all the subscription details using the google account. What will happen if I provide subscription plans but do not provide any login/sign up system?
Will they reject my app?

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