Problem with table view

Hey everyone, I want to ask if it’s correct to load a table that can only be a maximum of 4, when I add 1 more to 5 then what happens is like this picture, please all friends for the help, thank you

You could try and use latest version 4

hey dora i’ve tried what you suggested but it’s still the same like this

Pls cross check your data’s… last item(4th item of a element) is not linked or separated with proper symbol …

As I recall in your project you use , as cell delimiter and ; as row delimiter

I did it right but it’s still the same

Most probably something is not right as you can see from my image above

the same as your block code, the 5th column is black

can you send that aia file

Yes pm me your aia

I have sent it to you

Problem is caused I believe if textboxes contains empty spaces and it is not considered as empty so it pass validation (cheching textboxes if empty) but messes with table

then how to solve it

can you send this aia that you have