Problem with the Spreadsheet component

I tried to create a Row with values in Hebrew and finally added this text:444 instead of the text wanted to add

(In English it does not happen)

What is “It”

Try creating the row without component variables and see if it works, If it does, you know the component has an issue

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I tried, it does not work well without variables

you ar doing it wrong then

If you cant set with straight variables, you are doing it wrong

I also tried without variables

Then something is wrong with your table or API key etc.

try to write just one cell. Manually create a row, and in the block editor try to modify one cell. If it does not work, then you have a config problem getting to your spreadsheet

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I tried it too and it still does not work. Besides, I tried to do the same thing with another builder and everything was fine

Show the blocks of the other builder that works


Please use any event like onClick or any Amber Color event

Those are Thunkable X blocks not Kodular.

It only works in thunkable. I have found no other way to upload text in Hebrew to airtable in Kodular. I would be happy if you could try to check with Hebrew text.
Here is an example of a Hebrew text: ניסיון לטקסט בעברית

Well my friend that is why there are different builders. Some do things that others do not.

Thunkable X components are not interchangeable. They use a different methodology called blockly. Thunkable X components are also proprietary.

If you can;t get hebrew to work, perhaps you can ry your hand at an extension?

I tried to add Hebrew data with this extension: ([Free] Extension AirtableClassic -Airtable powered Spreadsheet - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Thunkable Community) But the problem is also called here.

By the way, I’ve checked out a few more languages and this problem is being done with them too

Watch this tutorial, i know your uploading different language text instead of english

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