Problem with timer

I have a timer that works as counters in the application. When the application stops working partially in a sleep mode, that means the counter stops and keeps the value, and when the application returns to work, the counter returns to work from that value, but sometimes errors occur as it does not return to that peak, but returns more or less than Is the problem and is there a solution?

You should know by now to post your blocks etc.

You cannot do that with the in-built Clock component, instead you may set the timer interval for 1 second and each time a second passes increase the stored value of seconds since start in TinyDB and with some calculations split it to hours, minutes or even days, there’s extensions for that too.

Try this app and check if it works also in idle (sleep) mode:
countdown_preventDoze.apk (5.3 MB)


If possible, have a look at this post too