Problem with tiny DB block code

I’m asking friends for help here, about the application that I made, namely the school schedule when I input the schedule like in the picture and when I switch screens the schedule disappears, please tell me what the block code for this tiny DB is, thank you

I include my file
Removed by Mod because contained paid extension

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Welcome to the community. You didn’t use tinydb blocks to save your schedule

Try this and see if it works for you

thanks a lot my friend i will try it

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sorry friend can you help me again i found this error, when i fill in the subject and others i can’t do that

Can not replicate error, when this error occurs ?

when i try on my own device

Clear tinyDB using call tinyDb clear all blocks, refresh page and try again


ok doraz i’ll try it, i’ve been busy these few days so i can only do it once again thanks

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hey doraz do i have to have an extension on my device?
I still can’t do it

where is it placed? I’ve tried it

Just place this in your block section, connect with companion, click on it and use Do it. Reset connection, connect again and see if it works. Also I removed aia files from topics because they contained a paid extension

ok i will try again

Your error seems to be, the global variable db is initialized with empty string. Kindly replace it with create empty list block and try again.

Aia removed by Mod contains paid extension
Here I share the aia file, maybe you want to try it

@Still-learning please try, for me it works, see if it works for you
MediaSkripsi.apk (7.5 MB)

hi doraz when i install this apk it is true that there is no error, but when i open the aia file there is an error, or maybe i have to export aia and then try it first

thanks doraz

I can’t send it anymore because I’m using a paid extension

Yes I am able to save, edit and delete without trouble… I hope back pressed or closing screens is not well defined…

previously doraz has sent the aia file but after i try to directly export to apk , the error still exists