Problems after upgrading on premium

I upgraded on premium, I payed and i can see on my profile that i’m a premium user.
The problem is that i still cannot import more then 10 projects. When i try it asks me to upgrade.
I cleaned cache, changed browser but no result.
Any help ?

Wait 4 hours to properly active your account

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In future please search the forum instead of spamming it as most questions such as yours have already been answered multiple times.

The above poster has said to wait 4 hours. In some instances people need to wait for 8 hours. If 8 hours go by and you still don’t have access to premium then come back and let us know.

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I havent updated since 18 hours ago

This is definitely a big problem. Waiting a few hours is okay, but not this long. Staff must look into it.

Are you still facing the issue?

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I have the same situation with my account. I bought premium but it appears to be free. this is the big problem. not working.

I also bought premium, it still doesn’t work

I have more than 24 hours and it is still not activated, I need to compile very soon.

Hello, the staff are already aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Please do not create more topics or replies regarding the same. I hope it will be fixed soon.

The problem is that many users work with the platform, not all of them do it as a hobby, the anxiety of raising money played a trick on them, leaving users aside, hijacking their projects, not giving communications or answers, generating discontent, in In my case, the only way I have to pay the extortion is PayPal and they never integrated it, although they said it would be done, I have lost 20 days.

We need to send an e-mail for support or just wait? I upgrade to Premium about 10 hours ago.

Still nothing… what i have to do?