Problems creating Dynamic components, loading data from Firebase


First of all, I apologize if I do not express myself quite well, since my level of English is not the best.

I´m having trouble being able to perform a function.

I´m using the “Dynamic Components” extension, which allows me to create a list view, with multiple user data.

The thing is, I’m not being able to make it work.

I’ve been searching for days, and I couldn’t find anything that can help me. I will explain:

The final procedure is the call that begins the function.


Here the procedure:






In this procedure I create the Dynamic Cards:

This is my database, in Firebase:

Although, in the previous blocks, I only made the queries to be able to obtain one of the project buckets, the idea would be to be able to bring more than one, to be able to later dump it in the dynamic components.

I hope the post is not too long, but I do not want to omit details, so that you can evaluate it better.

Can someone help me?

As per this procedure Did you get any error message?

Why plenty of Card views are there ?

Don’t you want to set it in single card view with labels?

BTW, Why don’t you check up whether this will be helpful or not ?

Hi Gowri SankaR,

Thanks for your answer.

As assembled now, no. But I also didn’t get a visualization of the Dynamic Cards.

Because, I´m using the Dynamic Components Extension, which allows me to build something like this:


I’m not sure if I can use that methodology, since I need to have the information organized, according to each ID generated by Google Authentication.


Each ID represents a user profile, which I can enter, by clicking on the “Ingresar al perfil” button (from the previous image).

The idea is when you start the app, the list of registered users is loaded, and that by clicking on the button, you can enter its profile.


It just doesn’t work or do you get an error?

To sequence the next dynamic component it is necessary to add one more ID

at least i do it that way.

can you send your file here or in PM. Let me see it…

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