Problems creating google ad manager account

Can someone guide me to create the google ad manager account, since the page does not let me go further

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Click on Sign up for a Google Ad Manager Account

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When I clicking on " Sign up for a Google Ad Manager account" it didn’t replying anything, just reloading and coming same page!

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I have the same problem, have you found any solution?


I have the same problem :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Same problem for me also

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Same Problem.:S Is there any solution for this ?

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Same problem but no solution jet now from support!!!

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iam new here i also want to use ads manager but i also face this same issue please help me

This is my application which I submitted for monetization approval before 1 week 5 day ago. On that same time I submitted this application for Google playstore approval, within a 3 days it’s a approved by Google play store. Now currently it’s available on playstore but still it’s not approved by kodular team. Please requesting you to review and checkout it and reply me as soon as possible.
Google Play Store Link :-

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exactly the same problem … ad the Manger makes me confused I lost many things

To many people’s facing this issue

This isseu is due to limited seats seats get avilable evry interval of 4-5 days so keep checking

I have many of problems with ad manager