Problems with custom app themes

hi guys, I’m developing an application that can have two themes according to the user’s preference.

I managed to create and used tinyDB to store the colors and which theme is currently selected.

THE PROBLEM I found and would like your help was that when changing screens the following happens:

The default theme is the light theme. If you change to the dark theme in the settings, then after changing the screen for a few seconds the app displays the light theme and then changes to the dark theme. I wish those seconds of delay did not occur. Does anyone know what to do?

.Aia is availabletheme_copia.aia (643.6 KB)

sorry for my bad english

Instead of posting the aia, it would be better if you post the related blocks and a screen-recording of the effect you are getting while changing the themes…

here is the screen recording. Note that for a few seconds the theme remains as if it were the light theme, even if the dark theme was chosen.

I don’t know if it’s tinyDB’s loading speed or something

I checked you aia and i notice that you have 5 screens, you can transform this in one screen using arrangements, this will drop the time when you click on a option on botton navigation.

+You are using a old version of Dynamic Components


I used that method in one of my apps.

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Is this :point_down: proper? @Alex_Neo

Though there are some bugs which can be solved later

Just a suggestion: I understand that you want to have this feature in your app.

But, I think you should create a modern UI and focus on the functionality of your app.

Make it work well, without bugs and with a modern UI.

And after that, if you have time, in a new version of the app, create this feature of light or dark mode.


I created another app with this technique of many screens in just one screen. I didn’t do this the same because I thought that many features could slow the app down. I will follow these tips, and I read the content, thanks.

When you talk about the old version of dynamic components, what do you mean?

ok, i will follow your suggestion, thanks

That would be the result I wanted. Did you create with screen layouts and hide with conditional blocks?

When changing from screen to another that would be a quiz, this problem occurred, but here it is not so important.

Maybe if you use the Async Procedures to not oveload the phone.

Your Dynamic Components version: 2.0
Current Dynamic Components version: 2.2.1

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thanks my friend, you’re amazing :wink:

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