Problems with dynamic card view refresh

I have look for in the community but I do not find anything similar to my problem.

I have an app to store events with different fields (place, time of start, time of end, km, hours, …)

I want to select the events for a range of dates. This operation works well, and the cardview also works well the first time that you make a selection. But if I reset, then the cardview do not work. Appear a number of cardview correct, but the content is blank or only appears the place (Lugar, in Spanish).

Could anyone help me, please.

I add the code and screenshots of designer screen and phone with the error.

This is the first time that I make a selection and all go well.

but if I make other selection, with a previous reinicio (refresh), appear well the number of cardview (event of this range of date) but appear blank cardview. Only with place (lugar) of event.

Why do you use delete card in two places? Try to remove it from BT click and check

I had tested disabling each one and the results are the same, not work.
When I made the screenshot of the code I thought that delete in the button selection was disabled, sorry.

Could be a bug of this new version?

Conclusion: the problem must be others one.

If you wish post your aia so someone could look at the problem

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Nowhere it is related to fenix. If it is not working, then definitely problem in your procedure… as said by dora, pls post your aia

Ok. This is the AIA file ( upload zip).
Thanks (34.6 KB)

If anybody can try it and reproduce the error, and also, if can correct the error I would be very appreciated.

What language you have used? Sorry, unable to test it. You check up your logic whether it is correct.

Or well define at here, we could help you

It is written in Spanish.

I do not know if it can help you.


Añadir evento= add event
Mostrar evento=show events
Generar informe= make report
Borrar eventos= delete events


Lugar: place
Fecha y hora de inicio =date and time of start
Fecha y hora de fin= date and time of finish
Km recorridos= kilometers
Horas de tránsito = hours of travel
Horas empleadas= worked hours

It seems that I have found the solution. I have eliminated the coefficient that was added to the index (see attached image) and have left only the index. And now it works.

Now, I have not clear when I have to put the coefficient added to the index and when not!! :smiley: