Problems with file download using webview

Hello everybody.

I have a problem and I would be very happy if you could help me solve it.

In kodular I’m creating an app with a webview of a website we use, and on this website I need to download a pdf file

but in webview I can’t download it at all. I’ll leave a print so you can see. it has a print of the error, the blocks and how the link looks when you open it in a browser, there are several strange characters and it does not open a pdf in the browser. however, on the computer it downloads normally, only on the webview by the app that does not download.

Try the custom webviewer extension

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Blob urls are not supported in CustomWebView as well.
For now there is no solution.

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Could you help me with more details? I just started using Kodular and I’m still not an expert

Answer is simple, you can’t download file from blob urls.