Problems with Firebase database configuration; please help!

Hi koders!
After reading everything here about Firebase database, I can’t make my app work with it, so quite desperate I ask for your help.
The app is working fine with Firebase Auth. Using the app you can store some values and configuration in Tiny_DB but If you have purchased a subscription, you can load this same values and configuration in several devices, among other advantages.

All this values are saved to a dictionary (that have inside simple values like intergers, strings, booleans and other dictionaries). This is the first doubt; this can be done? Can be stored in Firebase a dictionary with others dictionaries inside? I think it is possible, but I want to be sure.

The rules on Firebase console have to be the type of a logged user can write and read his own data (and only his data). I followed several guides, firebase guides and community guides like this:

My rules configuration is this:
firebase rules
where “MyApp” is the bucket name and “SGU” is part of the tag of the value to be saved (the dictionary). I’ve tried everything but in the “rules test zone” always gives an error:

The blocks for log in/sing in and store/retrieve data from to/from Firebase are these:

The “VIP” global variable is set to true if the user had purchased the subscription (this is not configurated yet :sweat_smile:)
The clock is for letting the data to be stored in Firebase if it is the first time the user has subscribed the “VIP” mode.
The procedure “GenerarDGUparaFirebase” fills the dictionary of the global DGU variable and the procedure “SobreescribeTiny_DB” stores the different values of Tiny_DB according to their corresponding tags, all stored previously in Firebase.

What I’m doing wrong? Because no data is storaged in Firebase.
Please, help and forgive me for my english too!!
Thanks in advance.