Problems with international characters

I am having troubles with bringing international characters from a MySQL database via PHP through my App.

The PHP code that I use to send data to my app is this:

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The result is this


but when I populate a list picker in my app, the information the result is this

Can anybody help me, please


I’ve edited your image for your safety.

@Taifun This is your expertise.

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Thanks a lot

see if one of the answers in Q3 can help

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Thanks, I will check now

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Since Boban asked Taifun about this problem…
I was like when will Taifun reply for this ,
At that time Costa Rica time was 12:40 am
And after reply

I studied this link
I found

So the purpose of this reply is to ask where should I use *mysqli_set_charset($dbc, “utf8”);
I was having same problem…

well… obviously in the php script… :wink:
for example like this after creating the connection

$conn = new mysqli($DB_ADDRESS,$DB_USER,$DB_PASS,$DB_NAME);    
mysqli_set_charset($conn, "utf8");                                            

if($conn->connect_error){   ... 


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:grin::grin::grin:ohh dumb me…
Thank you very much… I’ll try it…

Dear Taifun,
It works fine!! Thanks a lot.
Pura vida!!


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