Problems with Monetization

Hello friends, I tell you: I sent an app to be approved for ads, which has been in the Google Play store for 3 years, with AdMob ads, but when I had to update it due to the API level, I had to remove Kodular ads since it was not compiling, I removed the AdMob components and was able to update it. I recently completed the new Ad Manager requirements, I sent it to Kodular for approval and the response is the following :Submitted for review 1 month ago, 3 weeks: is it no longer possible to monetize Apps made with Kodular?

Hello Jorge,

It seems like there might be a delay or issue with the review process for monetizing apps made with Kodular. You can try reaching out to Kodular’s support team for clarification and assistance in resolving the monetization approval status.

Additionally, exploring alternative monetization options or updating your app to meet any new requirements could be considered while waiting for the review outcome.


Thank you very much Marcos,could you suggest me an alternative to AdMob.