Problems with saving block numbers

Hi guys, I have a BIG problem with blocking numbers. I save a number and when I return to kodular I find it at zero. Anyone have the same problem? i also tried to make a new app to try but i have the same problem. Help me please.screenshot-e9fc8bda

Multiplying by 0 is always 0


What are you expecting us? We are not wizards nor magicians! You have to tell us more about your issue.


Yes, @Peter, You’re right, but I think that is not his problem. I mean, I think, he is setting this 0 to any number, and the, goes out, and then back, and it’s again at zero. And all this happens in the blocks editor.

That’s what I think.

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Wait for the creator to save or do it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry. The problem is that before exiting kodular I had saved what I am attaching …screenshot-d4a9dbf5

…and once I am back I find all the numerical values at 0

I didn’t set it to zero. I find it at zero after exiting and returning from kodular

Do you get any error while loading your project

No, this is wrong:
And this is right:

So, use a dot (.) instead of a comma (,)


See the above

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Yes that’s right

Also why two zeros before comma?

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And press enter after entering values if you click somewhere else then its back to zero i also realised that.

copy paste to show you how the number was :sweat_smile:

Can you try the suggestion and let us know if it works?


Thank you very much, the problem was the comma.

Then mark @Mateja’ as solution.

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