Problems with submited app for Monetization

Hi all, I did an app and request for monetization, but there was a bug with the app so I deleted it and do it again and request again for monetization but that was 3 weeks ago and the team not approve it or rejected. ¿Is there any delay with the time of response? Anyone else have the same problem? Thank you so much for your time.

Other people have had the same problem, please search the forum for the solution.

I did and say 10 days, and now I’m in the 24th day since I asked them, that’s why i made this post.

So what solution did you find?

Did you get an answer?
My app has been waiting over two months and two weeks for monetization approval, I already have another app that needs approval but I can’t even apply as the previous app has not been approved yet.

me also over two weeks​:yawning_face::yawning_face: