Problems with uploading multiple images on a spreadsheet

All things, I have a problem when uploading more than one image, where the image goes into the cloudinary and enters the correct spreadsheet, but there is an irregularity where the incoming data is duplicated, as in the sheet image below it looks the same image link that is on line 2 the link is the same as the 3 line as well as 4 and 5, I only uploaded 2 photos but distampsheet this data to 4 with duplicates

blocks (24)
blocks (23)

Here what is called as global Nama? Why don’t you index method to upload the data

global nama as a place to store image names

Maybe data is duplicating in nama or foto variable do it on companion and check how much data it have

no duplicate data, all variables have two data according to the number of images

So then there is chance that it’s posting data to server multiple times try using web on response block and check if it posting multiple data or not.

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yes, I use the snackbar to see the image entered the server or not, and the result is that the snackbar appears repeatedly exceeding the amount of data available, namely two and the snackbar appears more than 2 times.

Alright don’t upload files repeatedly upload theme in sequence when one file is uploaded then upload second and then again and again

that means I can only upload one picture?

No upload them one by one you upload them using for each which casing some problems don’t use it upload them one by one

Can you give me an example, I don’t understand what you mean

I’ll try it

Above methodology is called index method of uploading :upside_down_face:

it works, you are very helpful, thank you for replying to the topic, this may also help others

Your welcome :grinning:

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