Procedure block is not functioning


I have some procedure blocks that have nothing to do with it when Screen Initialize but triggering even they suppose to be in back press.The blocks are working fine i dont touch anything on it, it happen when i compile and test the app for deployemnt and caught my attention


Normal loads some expected visible components like image, arrangements, buttons when screen initialize, not the others blocks thats nothing to do with it.

At the image procedure blocks suppose to be when back screen press, but functioning when screen initialize in that specific screen.

Please share some concern and knowledge or solution…

by default, check the inbox and chatviee, it might be defaulted to true.

they are already none visible via checkbox

what are you trying to do? there may be a better way to code that.

Please read the topic description above… blocks are working find, that blocks is in my projects for more than a months… i just wander and strange for this. Nothing else.