Procedure visibility and invisible

Please i need help on how to make one particular procedure to be visible and others procedures to be invisible when clicked with out putting all the items together in each procedures. For example if i have Five Eggs, Five Cups and Five Onions, i want my procedure to be in three categories with ONLY five items not 15 each.

Because i have over 500 items with 25 procedures and 25 Bottoms. If i have to put all the items in both procedures and use “TRUE AND FALSE BLOCK” i going to have 500 items in each of the 25 procedure which it would not work like that, it will be too heavy.

Pls someone should help me with method that can be like when click bottom2 set procedure3 VISIBLE and Set all the procedures INVISIBLE

No need to use multiple procedure. It is possible with single procedure but you need to give us more clear you info.

By showing us what ou have tried with atleast two procedure there we could know what you are meaning us here items and can understand your workflow

Thank you, i get it better now. But i need help pls i want add list in this existing list how i will do it? Because i have more than two hundreds items i want make it like five components

I get one procedure using “Append to list” but i don’t know how to use it in this existing list in a procedure

It look like no one is willing to help me :sob:

Instead of adding the list into the yellow block, Create a global variable , in which you add this make a list… so you can add few more items into this lost easily using the block add items to the list.

When list is ready use, for each items to the list block to design your rules

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