Procedure with input list


I have a procedure that calls a list in the inputs.
But I have the impression that we cannot take a list as a variable in a procedure.

How to make it work?

My procedure :

I Checked your aia and all seams good. I don’t Know where the problem is arising the only thing I wanted to say was instead of text contains, put = and you did that. it still doesn’t even work?

One more you cant try you can do instead of using list utilities
try using the default block

remoc=ve the lower block(original) and replace with the upper block (light blue)

I’ll try that later or this evening.
But if I remove an item, I have to start from the bottom (I think my code does that).

Otherwise I think that we cannot put a list as input for my procedure.

You can
But the original lists will be modified as you are doing this…
This is called call by reference


OK Taifun

But i don’t understand the call by reference because i’m not a programmer.
I stick to the other way of displaying my lists by creating 2 separate procedures.