Process runs but is not displayed

Hello family, I am concerned with kodular these days, because there are procedures that I run either in the companion or in apk and sometimes they work and sometimes I do not modify anything, only one day it decides to work and the other maybe not. This can work several times in a minute and then it is no longer displayed and so on.

(Summary: the procedure called “productos_recomendados” is executed, but I don’t know why it doesn’t show me what is in it; once the procedure “llamar_negocios_destacados” is executed, it must be executed and it does it but it doesn’t show me anything. Then I give it a do it sometimes shows me a result and sometimes it doesn’t). I hope you read this topic to the end, I would really appreciate it.

I show you the following blocks as an example of what I say, because suddenly I am the one who is getting wrong hehe…

So far so good, the problem is that I bend to this procedure I call another process called “productos_recomendados”. This is the one that sometimes runs and sometimes doesn’t.



I would be grateful if you would help me to know why the “productos_recomendados” procedure sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t.

NOTE: The “productos_recomendados” procedure is executed, because I put an alert from a notifier and it throws it to me, then I don’t know why the content of said procedure is not executed.

Thanks in advance, every contribution is extremely valuable to me.

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Please convert your block to english to get help faster. As community’s official language is english.

The blocks are in English, except for the names of the processes.

I didn’t noticed that :sweat_smile:

Without knowing your firebase structure i thing it is harder to guess. Can you share any aia?

The project is private.

What type of user authentication do you use?

I’m sorry but I can’t understand question regarding this post

for the system shown it is not necessary to authenticate the user.

For this block I thought you were using authentication, and that is that firebase authentication has a delay to receive the user profile data.

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I understand friend, that is not an authentication, it is only an id of the user that was saved in the tinyDB

you are using multiple times firebase blocks… tyr to use web component. You will get the answer quickly.

https://(your project id)


IF you add the id of the user just before /.json and in the web got text if you get null as result then id is not there, else you will get firebase values in json format

eg, if the id of the user is 001 then web url should be

https://(your project id)

if you get null response, id firebase value is not there else you will be getting values…