Product barcodescanner, fetch data from firebase

I really need help cause im not any good on this.

Im building an productscanner app that matches the barcodescan with a barcode in my firebase realtime database. Then i want to show the product image, Title, infotext, and price fetched from the database.

I have connected the app to firebase and managed to start the scan upon appstart.
I have some labels where the barcode shows when scanning.
I have managed to fetch data from firebase, but it fetches all the data and not specific data from scanned barcode.

My json structure looks like this.


0,1,2,3 should be the tag with the barcode value and within it the rest of the data

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Hi! Thx for the reply.
I dont really understand what youre saying here. Where should i put the tags, and I hope i dont have to tag every barcode in kodular? That would be impossible.
Can you provide me with more info of how to to do this?

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Thx got it to work now! :slight_smile:

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