Professional Status saver for Whatsapp | Give it a try

Hello Everyone…
I have made a status saver for whatsapp. Give it a try


  • Save image status
  • Save Video Status
  • View Image in full screen
  • View video within the app
  • Save single or multiple statuses
  • Delete single or multiple statuses
  • Neat and clean design


Download APK File : WhatsappStatusSaver_Fix.apk (6.1 MB)

Please install it and let me know if you experience any issue.Thanks
To buy AIA File just DM me


Very good UI.

Suggestion: Icons are too large make it small. Specifically 3 dot icon, also change its background colour.

Remaining UI is awesome.


Thanks @The_K_Studio
are you talking about icon font size or the whole icon size?

Whole icon size.

Not much but a little smaller will look better.

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Improve UI

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This :point_up: happens when we click on saved icon from bottom navigation

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  1. Nothing happens when we click menu button or settings icon

  2. When we click on any video status it’s thumbnail appear to be stretched

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This happened once i tried to reproduce it but i wasn’t able to produce it. Thanks i will try to fix it and setting and menu buttons are not yet functional

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Thanks but I dont think so it’s simple and decent and i like it

Also check this…

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the error is not coming again.

Which one?

This one

I tried to uninstall then reinstall app. pressed multiple buttons but it didn’t come again

For me, this error occurs everytime. :sweat:

Make sure you don’t have any saved status.
Like in my case I installed your app, opened it and then clicked on saved icon

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I think the error comes when the cards for statuses are not made yet and you press the saved button

Nope,your are wrong. This also happens when all the image are loaded(cards are created) and then I click the saved icon

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I dont understand where this error came from

So where you able to reproduce the error and you don’t know from where the error comes from?


The error is yet not even reproduced on your side?

I reproduced the error just like you stated

I think the error is because I am using Layout Dialog extension from Jerin Jacob. And maybe I am cancelling the dialog shown before it is shown.

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Hmm may be. Take the backup of your current project and then try to troubleshoot the error :+1:

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