Profile design (dynamic cards)

What is the name of your app?

Demo app for Profile style
tell me
How’s look?
Which is better 1st or 2nd?

Extention used… Dynamic components…




App Store/Download link:

DEMO video

Demo apk
Profile_style(1).apk (5.9 MB)


Thanks for suggestion… But its demo app and clearly showing in post if u read again…

its full created apps… But i clearly mentioned in post that its a demo app… Ui is mixture of colours, pics etc not a big deal but function of app working of app is a big deal… Its just my point of view

I am not getting this. You are providing a demo app, which can be considered as a part/segment of any fully developed app. So this (the demo app) neither can be published anywhere nor its helpful to users here.

If you really want to help then either publish this under #guides explaining how you created it and all that required other stuff or you can publish the same under #marketplace category, if you are willing to sell the aia.

I think this will provide help other users to complete their apps if they want something similar to your creation.

I think UI and functionality both are equally important, if you want your app to perform well out there in the market. They should be in equal balance as far as your app’s performance is concerned

Consider two cases

  1. Your app’s functionality is exceptionally well but UI is not that good

  2. Exactly opposite, Your app’s UI is best but fails in functionality area

In both the above cases, the end result is same, Users will not use your app

Having this both things in equal and enough proportion will enhance the user experience of your app which in turn will be related to your app performance in the market


send AIA please

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I want to show only functionality not ui… Soo i mentioned in post its a demo app… Its koded app but not completed app…i think if i use words how its working so then its absolutly an guid/how to categorized app.

Wow :astonished::astonished::astonished:

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Hello, This is a cool and nice profile UI. I want to implement the same UI in my app. Can you send me this app as an ais or aia file? It would be very useful to me.

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