Program Windows blocks

Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone knows any program that is similar to Kodular but to create programs for windows.

Similar ? Drag and Drop components? Or Blocks? To create the layout part, screens, reports, menus … there are several … But the programming part with blocks on the desktop … never seen …

Similar I mean everything, imagine Kodular for windows would be excellent

You can use buildbox to create games for pc

You can learn electron with React for cross platform desktop apps

Try GDevelop

Its free and somewhat similar to Kodular… just a bit more complicated.

We can create games by drag and drop platform. But i don’t think there is any way to create softwares or windows program

He is talking about systems like: Financial, Human Resources, Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Customer Service, Academic Control, Gym, Doctor’s Office, Plan of Associates etc.

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There is an old program for windows similar to kodular:
Multimedia builder by mediachange.
But it isn’t update from long time ago

U$60 or U$210