Programı nasıl indire bilirim?

Hello everyone
I think I got it wrong while fixing the program, it gives error when trying to install, I need help
What are the blocks for, what does it do?
Should I fix the blocks for each character?
Is it possible to download the program as a apk to the computer?

@Umud What are you trying to say.

I can’t install the program as an apk on my computer

There is a block pane while the program is correcting, should i make a block for everything i write?

Can we install the apk of the program I edit on the computer?

If you want to get the apk file of your project then go on top of your screen, then select
Export > Save .apk to my computer.

Then export it in your Device.
If you want to run and test your .apk in your PC then use a Emulator like “BlueStacks”.

then I have to download “BlueStacks”, right?

Yes only if you want to test .apk in your Laptop/Computer.

You can directly Install and use .apk file in your Android device.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: