Project Corrupted? Server Error in Exporting APK and an Internal Error when I press any Color Palette

I’m having one problem after another with my project.
First it gives me “Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!”
Then as if that weren’t enough, when I go to click on the color palette to change it, “An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?”
And this is ONLY for this project of mine, the others seem to be ok.
I seriously hope that it has not become completely corrupted because having to do it all over again would be impossible.
Is there any way I can resolve the situation? I am really desperate.
I don’t know what further info to give about it, ask me everything you want to know.

In future please search the forum instead of spamming it as most questions such as yours have already been answered.

Make use of the search facility and you will find your answers.

I’m sorry, thank you so much for your feedback.
Next Time I’ll do this.

Did you find the solution?

Only for the Internal Error caused by a issue in color component of the last update, but for the Server Error I see a lot of different cases, but none of this similar than mine.
I continue to search, If don’t find anything l’ll edit this post

You’ve basically found your solutions - a complicated one for the component colour issue and none for the server issues. Kodular has a lot of bugs that don’t get fixed so we need to live with them and hope they get fixed in the future. The devs has said they are going to be fixing bugs and updating Kodular on a regular basis going forward so we will have to wait and see what happens.

I know, I’ve long since learned to live with it, the problem is this Server Error prevents me from downloading the APK, and if as I read a bit everywhere the project is corrupt and there is no way to restore it I would have to recreate it from scratch, and it is a really heavy and big project, it will take me weeks to restore it to a new project (also because it does not specify which file or files are causing this error and I have more than a hundred blocks).

The joys of Kodular. And now you can pay to experience it too!

Hahahah wow, that’s cool, and to think that I already did it once months ago for FREE, now I also have to pay, I love Kodular <3

Anyway, this is the summary of my project:

If fighting bugs isn’t enough for you, go premium and you’ll get double haha. a pity, while they extort you to pay we continue patching bugs and using extensions to compensate the sdk, but of course you can only use 5 aix

You’ll need to reduce your assets to a maximum of 5MB if you’re not a Premium user. 5MB is the limit for free users. Whether it will solve your problem is debatable but it might be why the server can’t save or load the files.

I rule it out, I have a backup from a couple of days ago and that doesn’t have any problems.
Surely it was the updates I made by adding new components, so the last way I have to go is to recreate all the new things added on the backup yard, little by little, and check if the error arrives.
CHE PALLE (that hassle in Italian).