Project not showing for approval

I have created 4 simple apps in kodular out of 4 only 3 apps shows in projects from where i can apply for monitization the app thats not showing is the one i want to get monitized
i don’t know what is going on plss fix or if i did any thing wrong in the app for it to not show up. i have tried multiple time since yesterday thinking a bug that will fix and tried refreshing the page and waiting but nothing seems to work

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Android version

Sorry but it would be good if you read…

Everything you have to do is written here. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks @Kodular that you have written this. But people should also see and use this.


Do you expect us to be wizards and read your mind? That is impossible. Tell use what error message you get, and a screenshot if possible.

When did u created that app?
Can’t be sure the reason of your this problem but can because u need to wait 48 hrs after u created a new project for applying to ads approval

It’s still in the list, so it should not be it


Are you sure that you are in the project page and not at home page, as here you will only see recent project which is three…

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