"ProKoders membership active"

I’m happy that I meet new friends in this community too : )

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try to find a more respectable way of saying that :rofl:

Whats wrong

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Hell from last may days the number day are stuck on 97 I can’t undrstood what is the problem.

And I have also completed 150 day

Well, looks like you’re right…

But you… :thinking:

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Mine all are complete…

I know, this wasn’t right. I simply forgot ProKoder isn’t TL3 :joy:

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May be… Diego Grant me the Prokoder Badge soon …

I am really very Excited :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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But you can see in below image that 150 days are completed. 🤷

And it’s showing 97 from almost last 3 weeks

Well, then how can ou explain this:
51 % of 150 days would be 76,5 days.

Opposite: 51 days of 150 days would be 34%.

So what is your explanation now, master @Boban? :nerd_face: :sweat_smile:

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Don’t get confused guys.
Numerator shows the visited days which keeps changing according to your visits while denominator shows a constant value i.e. 100
That is why it is so much confusing.

So what should it show
It should show the percentage of visited days.
Using this formula:

visited days/150 * 100

What it actually shows
It shows this one:

visited days/100



So mine would be 51 / 150 * 100 = 76,5? But this would mean I achieved already 76,5 % of the whole requirement, and this means the requirement is equal to 66,666… days which isn’t possible.


Koders, this is confusing, just be patient and the staff will add you if you meet the requirements. Also, remember, reaching TL3 does not mean that you will become a ProKoder.

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How do you get this???

I am not confused about me not getting the badge, I am confused why Kodular made such strange requirement which no one can understand. :slightly_smiling_face:

If 51 days is 76,5 percent, then 100% is 66,666… days.

oh i thought 66.6666666… is the percentage sorry

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That’s really not needed. The last version was better #off-topic

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