Prokoder Badge Doubt

Hi all I had to ask one thing in my kodular profile all the requirements are met for prokoder but I didnt got the badge since 3 days

what should I do to get my prokoder badge ?

I feel this is just eligibility level. Once you did all until professional support you will get it by automatic. But Provider badge should have to assign by kodular staff i think.

So stay tune. Also you can take request for @BetaKoders , once you get it then prokoder batch does nothing…


As it says Prokoder membership active

Check the prokoder group

Or Wait for 2 to 3 days

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Post deleted

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Cannot Understand What are you telling @Still-learning

I believe one of the major responsibility/quality of ProKoders is to be patient.


Nothing, i deleted, i enquired , How to reach the group ,but I feel that batch is just for name… so deleted. You can reach the group just by typing @ProKoders but eligible members only can login


I am patient, I was just a bit excited to get my badge that’s it

Me also completed but unfortunately my trust level TL2 :sob:

@Avijit Soon…

Qualifies for trust level 3. Will be promoted soon.


Also unfortunately me too unable to access it(ProKoder),

Adding to that, Before Fenix update i was able to access Betakoder page but after Fenix update i am unable to access it… It asks me to take request only every time.

But if i click it says ,


Any update for me ? :slight_smile:

post deleted

That was the response to your request

P.S. I didn’t say anything about ProKoder


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