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Why it Shows Ineligible for prokoder I have done all

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i think it takes sometime to update .

well, where to check this thing.
i knew but i forgot.


It will take some time to update(About 1 Day) and you will also be TL3(Trust Level 3) user soon.
Also you won’t be prokoder automatically, you will have to wait for staff to review and decide about your prokoder membership.


didn’t understand

TL = Trust Level


Having Trust Level 3 does not automatically mean you qualify for being a ProKoder. We decide based on a few different factors whether or not we think a TL3 user should be granted ProKoder status. Also note that we have changed the default Discourse TL requirements so the requirements in the link above aren’t the same as ours.


I once posted this in the ProKoder Lounge, the part of the community only available to ProKoders.

Being a ProKoder should be special and only for the users who really contribute to Kodular. Just as Developers spend a lot of time on the development of Kodular a ProKoder has a lot of time spend on the Community. Helping users, showing them in the right direction but also telling what expected behaviour is in our community. What we allow and what we don’t allow.

As a ProKoder you represent Kodular in a way. You see its value in the world of mobile apps development. You understand that being a ProKoder brings responsibility. Your behaviour reflects on Kodular so you try to always be on your best behaviour.

But be always aware that we are not the developers of Kodular. Don’t make statements like they come from the developers themselves. If we confuse our users they will leave. There will always be users that will not follow community guidelines. It is the task of the admins to deal with them. Flagging posts that are not following community rules is best. Beware that you don’t start an argument with other users. ProKoders should also not quarrel amongst each other in public view. This also reflects bad on Kodular. Other users sometimes confuse ProKoders with Developers.


better if you can mention those factors

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please list that factors I want to see please list them

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