Pronunciation of the letter y

text to speech, in French, pronounces the “y” as an “i”

That has nothing to do with Kodular. TTS voices are made by Google.


Thanks for your reply. So how do I get google say “y”, please?

I dont know if it works in your case because you didn’t give more information, but an example in brazil:
Live is pronunced in google by livé(the correct would by Laive)
This sounds strange, but, if you change to Laive, the pronunciation changes to normal sound.

In French, the “y” is “Greek i”

The TTS Service on Android is an application named “Google Text To Speech Service”. If it is uninstalled or not existent on the device, the TTS won’t work. Besides, a TTS package is huge. If you have issues with TTS component in Kodular or other AI2 based platform, report it in

Thank you very much, for all.