Property getter was expecting a component but got a Boolean instead

please help
Property getter was expecting a component but got a Boolean instead.

this problem occur after click on cardview then open the next screen normally

Post a screenshot of your blocks

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latest edit was modify the font + background of the button

You said the error comes when any cardview click

yes in screen name home

because when inside screen and click update data : no error appear

Then post a screenshot of when any cardview click

i have only when card view click not any card view click
only one card view have this problem
other card view work perfect

now i tried to add label and click = property getter problem occur again

Please post a screenshot of the blocks that you suspect that cause the problem

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Can i send the AIA to you by pm because the blocks are very complicated to understand


If you wish

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Make sure you have handled the boolean variable(True/False) carefully. It seems you have misplaced something instead of text box text place you have added the boolean variable


:cry:I don’t know why this is happening to me
I was going to publish it on google play without noticing this error, the strange thing is that it appears when I press quickly

As I said via pm could not replicate error but please switch screens correctly


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The problem not solved i tried close screen manually

hi dora please try to delete this call procedure