Pubg tournaments

Win real cash via playing PUBG MOBILE tournaments for free+paid matches. Get it now!
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Nice app. Can improve on UI more.

I don’t play PUBG anymore so I won’t use it. Sorry for that

We are working on ui in next update

Try to make refer code more professional
If you went to know how then contact me.
And try to make custom Money add option

Then i will try to add 1 rupee because i am not PUBG player :rofl::rofl::rofl::grin::grin:

Sorry I forgot to share screenshot of wallet

I see this. But i need to like this

I can also make it but my business partner want like that

Add this method also.

Ok in next update we will add it

By the way which app is it

I don’t know. Download from Google

if your need to make user friendly ui
then tell me. I will help you ( Free )

Add money design for you
made by me

Addmoney.aia (3.4 KB)


I am now working in transactions section can you help me and give me some idea how to make it I am using Google firebase database

I will try.

Ok I will wait

Go Firebase

and change your firebase public facing name
to your app name.

I have had success. but i cannot understand you :frowning:

Means transactions of money credited and debited

I try but not get success

Ok not a problem