Publish app on Play Store if have in-app-purchase

Hey Koders, Can you please help me to publish app on play store if i have in-app purchase.
Thank you :slight_smile:

once someone my known published someone’s app on his play console. after a week his app was taken down. because his app had copyright content. So no one gonna take a risk


@Masoom You can publish your application to the Play Store if you have in-app purchases.

@hammerhai @devcafeofficial that’s not what i meant. I was saying that i have play console accout. I wanted a guide that how i can publish app on play store if my app have in-app purchase system. how do i publish. Is there anything else to do if a app has in-app purchase. I hope to got it.

You can refer to these docs from Google:

We would like some guide on how to properly use the in-app purchase or subscription from Kodular. Including the right way to use the blocks just like a guide from Taifun Billing extension. Thank you.

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We are definitely considering to expand our component guides. But, currently, we do not have enough bandwidth to do that. However, I have an AIA file to test consumable purchases:
Billing_new.aia (99.3 KB)


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Okay. I understood some part of this code and this is the only trouble am having for now.

Can you explain how am to use this as I have 4 payment options for users to choose from.

Thanks :blush:

I misplaced the block inside if condition, there must be a In_App_Billing.Ready block.

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How do I place it if I have multiple product on same screen ?

As seen above, I get that now but how do I use it when I have up to 4 products on the screen as shown below.

Am not sure if the above code is correct. More help / explaining is needed.

Thank you

the purchase block in this image is a procedure or a function which takes a parameter called Product_ID. To handle purchases of different products, you call this procedure with different arguments to the parameter.

Here, you shouldn’t call In_App_Billing1.Load Owned Purchases everytime. Just calling it once at the top is enough.

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Thank you.
My question has been answered. :balloon:

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Are your block can multiple buy by consume sku?

before being able to purchase the same product again, you first have to consume it. …
I already explained it twice in your other threads…

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