Publish apps to Google Apps

I’ve asked you for advice several times, but I’ll introduce myself now.
I am a professor of Computer Science and I teach in Cefalù, province
of Palermo in Sicily (Italy). Recently I made known
to my students the Kodular language for Android apps.
We have tried a few of them, one in particular my students care a lot about.
They would like to publish it on the Google Store, so I took action and signed
up for a developer account.
After you build the app and download its two .apk and .aab files,
I’ve started the process of publishing.
But, while being the app
Very simple (a very trivial game) the publication does not go forward.
It has 1 stability error (marked in red. To be resolved first):

Stack Tracing: java.util.concurrent.CancellationException: Task was cancelled.

Over 26 accessibility issues (less severe)
1 Security issue.
Frankly, too complicated for a trivial app. And we got demoralized.

Isn’t there an easier way to publish it?
Without having to resort to the Google Store ?

Thank you
Germano Maniscalco

Show more details or Informations , also some image if you can