Publish my app in playstore

hello everyone
I’m afraid of working on an application and then I can’t upload it to the game store, it’s just scary.

Should an application be published without problems?

the minimum of api is 28 right?

I want to make an app

thanks you

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No! Min API should be as low as possible.

Don’t worry. You should be able to upload your app without problems if you don’t break terms and conditions.

Welcome to Community, Dont Worry i have 10 apps in my store made with kodular, and i dont get any problem as @Kanishka_Developer said, if you follow the terms and conditions of play store, you apps didnt make any problem

Can you share your app’s link

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sending Pm,

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Thank you all for answering, this leaves me a little more calm. I was referring to the issue of api because I want to publish my app in the play store, the minimum of api is 26 or 28? Does that mean the max api must be 28? and the minimum api of my app as low as possible right?

users who have an android version below 9.0 would not have problems using my app?

thanks thanks :slight_smile:

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There is no “Max API”. MinAPI should be as low as possible (I prefer API 21 because Android 5.0 onwards has a uniform design language).
Your Target SDK should be as high as possible, and that is handled by Kodular.