Publish my APP on the web



I would like to know if it is possible to export my application (in .apk or .aab) and publish it on the web, in the form of a website, so that the user has to enter the URL to access it.

In short: Is it possible to publish a “.apk” or “.aab” file in website format?




Gostaria de saber se é possível exportar meu aplicativo (em .apk ou .aab) e publicá-lo na web, em forma de site, de forma que o usuário precise digitar o URL para acessá-lo.

Resumindo: É possível publicar um arquivo “.apk” ou “.aab” em formato de site?


Simple answer is No

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You cannot do this with Kodular. Thunkable X provides this option if you are willing to pay. You can check out their documentation for more info if you are interested.

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Oh, a pity. Thanks a lot for the help! :grinning:

why not? does this violate some regulation?

Just code a nice php website, PHP can be used for anything on the web

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If you know how to do it please tell us.