Publishing App On Amazon App Store

I tried uploading my Kodular AAB to Amazon App console for use on Amazon’s android devices. Immediately after uploading, I got the following message:
“Your App file uses an outdated SDK version that does not include DRM integration. Select DRM preferences below. If you want to add DRM support in your code, use the Appstore SDK.”

I selected 'Yes" to use Amazon’s SDK and this allowed me to successfully upload the file as it passed their PRIMARY VALIDATION.
However, I now have a status of FAIL at the AMAZON CONTENT COMPATIBILITY stage and the following is the reason sited:
“We are unable to test your app due to install failure in all compatible devices. Please fix the issue and re-submit the app.”

Can you please point me to a resource step-by-step guide on how I can fix this? Thanks so much in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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