Publishing status: Rejected

Publishing status: Rejected

Your app has been rejected and wasn’t published due to a policy violation. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play.

Issue: Violation of Families Policy Requirements

We have detected that your app includes non-certified ad SDKs or SDKs that are not approved for use in child-directed services. Any SDKs used in the app must be appropriate for use in child-directed services. Additionally, apps that solely target children must not contain any SDKs that are not approved for use in child-directed services, including ads SDKs. Apps in the Designed for Families program must only use ad SDKs that have certified their compliance with the Families Ads Program.

I not used any ads in my app but still there ads sdk how i solved it ?

Most of the times (for me) the problem is different and the Google play sends mail with some other problem.

Like in my app google play rejected and said that “ads shown are deceptive”

But the problem was not with the ads… I had added a button which on clicking would open playstore to my other app and that was deceptive.
Hence i changed the button name from " ( app name ) " to " Check out ( app name ) from google play".
And then the app was approved.
(I searched online and found the solution from websites)