Pulling the list and checking if it is empty

If yes, open another screen

if you don’t fill in the fields


doesn’t run properly


This is called data validation… in your case before trying to select an item from a list, make sure the list is not empty

Also let me suggest you to switch screens correctly


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Could you show something similar?

I don’t understand the meaning.

From closing the screen Ok!


If is list empty get global receber
Then display a nice error message
Else continue with your processing


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Dear friend

I understand most of it, but I’m still in the same place,

he follows…

Caption 4 has been completed
As for caption 5 where it is empty, you have to check if it is empty and change the screen, but nothing happens.

any tips?

Try Do it on your global variable


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My result in caption 5 is empty

so you would have to change the screen to fill in the empty field

I just can’t change the screen

When I have a positive result, it’s ok

but negative result error

as you can see yourself, the list does have only 4 items
to select the 5th item will obviously result in an error therefore

how do you store items in the list? because each item is currently a list itself… this actually does not make sense… if you store each item as text (and not as another list) you do not need to remove the brackets as you are doing it currently

learn to work with lists…