Pumpkin Challenge - a Kodular Game

Hi community!!

This is my first Game using Kodular: Pumpkin Challenge! It’s a little demo I’m preparing for Halloween, It’s very easy to use you only have to do pairs with the on-screen tiles (sorry for my english I’m spanish):

There are three levels of difficulty, and two game modes (offline and online), the online mode is unavailable yet because I want to know tips and some Game improvement before trying to make online Game.

I have used Phase & Explosion Animations extensions for this Game.

Here is the APK, thank you very much in advance!

Pumpkin_Challenge.apk (9.3 MB)


please upload your screenshots directly into the community here rather than using another server

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Thank you for the advice!

It´s fixed.

WOW! look amazing!!

Vaya pintaca que tiene!! enhorabuena!

Muchas gracias Darío!! :wink:

Waiting for API31, in order to publish it at Google Play.

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